What’s next

Last post was about I was doing and what I achieved. Moving on to what I’m doing now.

I’m on week 2 of Summer prep plan ,(Its fall but who cares ) Its pretty hardcore with hypertrophy and cardio .

The only change I’m making to the program is I am increasing the rep count. I want to experiment with higher rep count and less rest break because I believe female bodies work well this way.

According the program, he wants us to do 20 mins of light cardio after every workout ( 4 times/week) and 3 cardio sessions of atleast 30 mins of which 2 are interval training. Pretty hardcore, right?

I’m going to follow Hal Higdon’s 5k Training for intermediate instead. It works well with this plan because it has one long distance run, 3 sessions of 3 mile run, I’m gonna change it to 2 sessions of 3 mile run and 30 mins of cross training. It also has speed work and tempo runs.

So I’ll be sticking to the program orignally specified( almost ).

Now with all this, I need to make changes to my food. I NEED TO EAT MORE, to create GFLUX ( eat more, exercise more, lose weight, reverse doesn’t apply). Otherwise I’ll be burning more muscle and get more frustrated and burnt out.

Wish me luck 🙂

P.S: I used to eat meat with almost every meal , but I’m changing that ( another experiment). I’ll have meat maybe once or twice a week or when I’m eating out and I’ll include lots of veggies, cooked , steamed raw however. Legumes twice a week.

So here is a sample:

M1: 3 scarmbled eggs with onions and spinach, small fruit

M2: Egg Plant , olives stir fry, steamed brocolli, handful of nuts

M3: Beet root , steamed brocolli, handful of nuts

Pre Workout shake + banana

Post workout shake + fruit

during workout : BCAA

M4: Kidney beans + veggies

1tbsp fish oil, 1 multivitamin, 1 tsp fiber.


Food for thought – Craving

Something that I realised about cravings earlier , which happened again. Whenever I let myself get too hungry, I crave chocolates or some junk and then it is hard for my mind to get distracted and eat something healthy. Its kind of like, ” oh come one, I can have a chocolate today , it won’t change a thing”. But it adds up. Once a week is ok , but Idon’t think it stops there.

Like today, I let myself get hungrier than usual, and my packed lunch doesn’t seem appealing enough. I just wanted to go out and eat something else or grab something from the vending machine.  I thought for a while ”  Am I really craving it? Do I really want a chocolate now?” I waited for 10 more mins and grabbed my lunch and now I’m full, drank enough water along with it to fill me up and the cravings is gone for now.

I really need to keep this in mind everytime this happens.

Listen to your body

Long time back I used a site http://www.fitday.com to keep track of my calories. I tried to keep a track of all the calories and fat/protein/carbs breakdown.  It was good idea then since I started taking care of nutrition to match my workouts.

Few months ago, I realised that I can’t keep doing this forever. I can’t keep couting calories and fuss over it FOREVER. I’m not reaching for an end. Every time I reach a goal, I need to make new goals, this will be a life long journey to stay fit , healthy  and active.

Time for an attitude change, Now I listen to my body. I eat 5 meals a day, with about 3-4 hrs in between meals. when I start getting hungry my body asks me to feed it. Since my current goal is to lose some fat, I tell my body “wait for a while”. I don’t wait till I’m ravenously hungry. Just a little bit more hungry than before and then eat.

I have been eating 5-6 meals for about 3 years now , so I do get hungry every 3 hrs. It might not be the same for everyone. Start out by eating every 3-4 hours and then see how it feels. Slowly pace out and wait till ur actually hungry to eat something. Don’t go more than 4 hours without anything. Experiment with your eating habits and see what works and what doesn’t.

Theses 5-6 meals are not big meals, they are  mini meals consisting of lean protein, healthy fats and lot of vegetables or fruits.  Vegetables to fruits ratio should always be at 4:1 ratio.

My typical meals are

1) grilled or cooked chicken ( with less oil), nuts (cashew or macadamia), Steamed brocolli

2) greek yogurt with some protein powder and blue berries

3) 2 whole eggs and 2 egg white omlete with steamed brocolli, carrots and cauliflower

4) Bison stew with veggies

5) Tofu and Fenugreek leaves curry.

I’m trying to include atleast one veggie protein in my day .  Believe it or not there are very nice veggie protein choices , we just need to open ourselves to them.

Meat was only a sunday affair in our house, but since I started working out, it is cooked everyday. It is easier for me in the US to cook meat everyday, my family back home still frown at this extreme carnivoriness ( I just made up that word :D).