5K Race

Last 5k race for this year. My timing was approx 30:30 according to my wrist watch. I proud to say that I ran all the way. In the other races that I did this year,  I had to take few walking  breaks to get my breath back andI think the reason for this I usually sprint in the beginning without any warm up and then get out of breath. It was a good time based on the last 2 races that I did. So I’m very happy that my workouts were fruitful.

Today the race started later than the mentioned time because there were quite a few new registrants and they wanted to get all of them in so instead of 8:45 the 5K race started at 9:20 am. I jogged my way to the starting line from where my car was parked to get the body warm. I spot jogged for couple minutes at a time. I think this helped warm up my body and increase my heart rate a little bit.

I read abt warm up techniques and they say serious runners do a 5 k warmup and then few speed works before a 5 k race. So the shorter the race the longer the warm up, but there was no way I could do the 5 k warmup. I would have no energy in the end. It was interesting to read what serious runners do get PR.

So in the morning , I had 4 scrambled eggs and some beetroot.

8:20 I had half a banana, hoping the race would start at 8:45.

Just few sips of water, so I don’t have to use the bathroom mid race.


Week 21 – day 6 5/1/2009

I weighed myself today and it showed 131.8 lbs . Now I have go back and look at my previous weight I have that documented somewhere.  I’m sure I lost atleast a little.

Today is my final workout of the week. Strength training and then 30 mins on the elliptical. I already finished 12 miles of running on the threadmill and I need rest to motivate myself for next week.

Oh I also have the last day for this week of pushup challenge to complete. I was getting late for work in the morning so that will be done as soon as I get home.

Week 21 – Day 4

I was supposed to get up early morning and do a slow run of 4 miles on threadmill, but the lazy me couldn’t get myself out of bed. I got up, but sleeping under my comforter felt more appealing than dragging myself out.

so the 4 mile run is moved to the evening. that means I have to move my weights workout to tommorow.

I did that Day2 of week 3 100 pushups challenge today and performed 10/12/8/8/12 pushups this morning.

Update : Yay!!!!!! Done!!!!!!! I was dreading the 4 mile run and wasn’t sure if I would complete it. I was aiming to complete it under 45 mins and I did it.

4 miles in 43.36 mins -( steady state) speed varied between 5.0 – 6.2

Total workout time : 45 mins

Week 21 – Day 2 4/28/2009 (Monday)

Remember the 100 pushup challenge I planned on when I started the blog . Wel.. I didn’t get around to doing it untill today .

I did the Week3 , day 1 today 10/12/7/7/9 pushups.

Since I’m fasting today till 6:00 pm. Its only cardio day. Planning on doing the 2 miles on Elliptical and maybe make up the 0.15 mile left from yesterday

100 pushups challenge

ONE Hundred Pushups challenge

I did the initial test and I can do 25 pushups , so I’m jumping ahead to week3 as my starting point.

100 pushups seem a lot and I’m scared, but I want to do it to prove myself . I’m strong and I want that badge.