I don’t know what happens, I want to overeat even when I’m not hungry , even when I just ate , I just want to eat more as if I’m being deprived. If noone is seeing or judging, I want to eat but if someone is watching me I’m in better control why is that. If I see food in front of me even if it is just fruits and I just ate a heavy meal, I’m tempted to shove it in my mouth.

I’m sure this is psycological and I want to get to the bottom of it . I want to know how to stop this impulsive behaviour , tips to keep me on track . I’m reading up on it and I’ll put down some suggestions as I come across them.

“I want you to leave my office today, and eat whatever you want, whenever you want, but follow one rule. If you follow this, I bet you that you will be able to maintain a healthy weight and body. This is the rule: only eat when you’re truly hungry, and stop when you’re full”.


I still get tempted, a lot, and have found that it helps so much to just stop, and consult my tummy. Is there really room for more? Am I truly still hungry? Often, the honest answer is no. I’m not hungry, and simply want to greedily push my body over into the “totally stuffed” mode. This recognizing of the true already-full state of my stomach helps me put on the brakes. Don’t get me wrong, I still fail sometimes, and when I do the way I look and feel after reminds me why the rule is such a great one!

Another essential tool is to deliberately become aware of your reasons for wanting to eat. I used to use food compulsively to make myself feel good. Why not? It felt fantastic whenever I was sitting down with a fork, in front of a giant piece of chocolate cake. The problem was what came after, when the cake was gone. Guilt, shame, regret, sluggishness, health problems – the list goes on.

There’s a funny thing about addictive, yummy foods, which is very similar to what alcoholics and drug addicts experience. When I crave something, my brain and body trick me by saying “come on, just this once”. Like this: “Why don’t you get into your car and drive to the grocery store and buy yourself a big tub of rocky road ice cream? Come on, let’s go – we’ll do it JUST THIS ONCE and then get back to our plans for healthy eating.”

That’s the lie: just this once. When you indulge yourself with foods that you crave, your body and mind will crave them again, sooner and more forcefully than ever, often right the next day. Or, later that same day! The more junk food, or comfort food, you give your body, the more your body emotionally and physically wants it and will ask you for it again. This is very different from hunger.

Pay attention to the difference between the feeling of cravings (from boredom, stress, sadness, habit, comfort, etc.) and hunger. There’s a huge difference.

To make cravings go away, interrupt them and shut them down by recognizing them as self-sabotaging feelings and impulses that don’t serve you at all. Do something else instead (call a friend, go for a walk, do something on your to-do list), and the craving will pass. Wait until you’re truly hungry to eat something. The cravings will get less and less, and when you do fail and indulge them (we all do), you will see how truly “empty” that promise of feeling good after turns out to be.


Courtesy :http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/prescriptions-life/201002/how-stop-overeating-once-and-all

This above person hit the nail on the head . This is how I feel exactly.

I’m going to do some more research on this topic


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