Beginning ………..

I’m back and want to stay this time. I have 2 babies now a 3 yr old and a 11 month old. With my 2nd one I put on more weight than I liked and IT just seems harder to lose this time around. I was part of a lean eating group last 12 months and I was doing good for a while but my last 3-4 months I was not able to workout and lost my mojo and now I’ve decided to do it all over again but on my own. I’m relying on my will power this time , which is the wrong thing to rely on especially if you care for fitness for life. Anyways, I hope to create new tools , support system as I go along.

Its been a week since I started and my 1st habit is to take some fish oil  and probiotic and barring one day so far I made it through the week. I did my workouts too 4 weight workouts and 2 active recovery type workouts in the form on kickboxing. So I’m doing fine for now.

I’m also trying to make better food choices everyday . I’ll be as honest as I can on my blog and document this journey and track my progress.

At 3 pm today , I was hungry and I was practicing slight discomfort, where I let myself go hungry for a little while longer and let my body burn my fat cells but I was getting on the edge. I wanted to eat something and drinking water was not enough. I wanted to go to my car bring out a dollar or two and head to the vending machine. I stood up, opened my cabinet door, popped a gum and walked to the bathroom. there was a magazine and I sat down reading the entire magazine and I’m back at my desk. I successfully evaded my situation.

I’m still hungry and I’m thinking of what to eat once I go home. I have guacamole in fridge and I’m going to mash it up with canned tuna and lemon and put it on a slice of multigrain bread. This will be my snack as soon as I go home. I had Barley kichidi instead because my kids didn’t eat theirs, but it is good idea for a meal when I can’t think of anything.

Glad to be back.

PS. Starting weight was 126lbs something and 1 week later it is 128.4lbs. I’m not going to fuss about it as of now.

PSS: I have a weight workout today , will take #1 to the gym with me, it is a short workout hopefully we’ll get to do some bike ride too.


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