9/16/2010  – weights

9/17/2010 – running – threadmill

5 mins – 4.5 speed

1 min – 5.0

1 min – 5.5

1 min – 4.5

repeat for 20 mins

5 mins – 5.5 speed.

9/18/2010 – swimming



Starting this week for the next 7  weeks I’ll be taking swimming lessons every monday . Hopefully I’ll learn this time. The instructor said I was floating well and only I know that I took more than a few lessons to learn how to float. I want to learn how to swim. I could also do the back float with the flaoting belt on.

Next time I should do all this without the belt because I have practiced enough with the belt on.


September 3rd – Bikram yoga

September 4th – WEights and cardio

Septermber 5th – Bikram yoga

September 6th – REST full day

I’m working out as usual and one of thesed ays i’ll post my typical diet  for reference.

September creeped up on us and slow winter days are fast approaching so enjoy the fall weather while it lasts  is my new motto 🙂