Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga going strong. Practised yesterday and i’m going to another one today . 5:30 is a very busy time for the class. It was full yesterday , luckily I got my place right in front of the mirror. It makes a lot of difference if ur infront of the mirror so you can see ur poses also put in more effort.

I have to practise locking my knee especially locking my left knee. I’m losing my balance while trying to do that.



How can I induce more discipline in me. I want to update the blog , but i’m so lazy. I’m trying new tricks to keep me motivated. I now have a monthly spreadsheet with goals for the month, simple goals like drinking set amount of water , eating veggies etc and I mark it off everyday irrespective of whether I did the assigned task or not. I can see how lazy or good I have been for the month and areas that I can improve.

I’m failing miserably at a goal that says wake up at 6 am during weekdays and 8 am on weekends. I wakeup at 8 on weekdays and 10 on weekends . sigh!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok lets look at the goals I set up for myself in the last post.

1. Drink Water, lots of water.  – Check currently drinking atleast 3.5 litres a day

2. Run or do cardio everyday for atleast 30 mins or 3 miles. – doing it 3 times a week

3. Cut down on nuts and take fish oil instead. – Check taking 1 tbsp of fish oil every night.

4. Make and keep a stock of Flax crackers handy. – not doing it – maybe this should be my goal in september

5. Prepare Sprouts weekly. – didn’t have sprouts in july or august

6. Include more green veggies and cut down on fruits – current month’s goal – faring avg on this one.

7. Consume less meat and eat more veggies- Still trying to ..

8. lift weights atleast 3 days in a week. – Check, but this i’m doing atthe end of the week, 3 consecutive days instead of spreading it out.

9. Take atleast one group class/week at the Y- Didn’t happen

10. Wake up early atleast 2 days in a week and do yoga. – doing suryanamskar’s this month and also signed up for bikram yoga for a month

Not bad eh.. but I need more discipline. I picked up knitting as a new hobby and all I do is knit. Waiting to finish up a baby blanket i’m knitting for my cousin.