New Resolutions for the next 4 weeks

I want to write these down so I can revist them everyday to see how i’m progressing

  1. Drink Water, lots of water.
  2. Run or do cardio everyday for atleast 30 mins or 3 miles. Improve stamina and running speed.
  3. Cut down on nuts and take fish oil instead. I’m crazy about cashew nuts, I wasn’t nuts about them before , but they are so addicting that I can inhale pounds of it in a week and that is definitely not good.
  4. Make and keep a stock of Flax crackers handy.
  5. Prepare Sprouts weekly.
  6. Include more green veggies and cut down on fruits
  7. Consume less meat and eat more veggies
  8. lift weights atleast 3 days in a week.
  9. Take atleast one group class/week at the Y
  10. Wake up early atleast 2 days in a week and do yoga.

and then, I need to work on some personal resolutions too

  1. Pick up an activity – I have knitting things at home that I could start.
  2. Pick up the phone and call people, I’m so bad in keeping in touch especially on phone. Revive Contacts
  3. Its Summer, enjoy the weather while it lasts. There is something or the other going on every weekend during summer and lots to do ( that is one good thing about this city).

Group class

Spinning class was good, I was 10 minutes late , but hey I was sweating and hope that counts.

I did very simple upper body workout,

DB Press – 2×12  – 20/20 lbs

alt.Db side raises 2×10 – 10/10 lbs

Standing triceps press – 1x 12 – 20 lbs

That’s all for today . I wanted to go for a run today, but its wet outside. I just ran once around the Y bldg.

New Beginnings…6/15/2010

I  have been working out, but not very seriously and would like to start again sincerely….

I think I weigh about 122.4 lbs as of today . no idea about body fat , but I should consider getting one done in a few weeks.

I’ll start today’s workout with a group class at the gym, group cycling for 45 mins followed by some weight lifting. Will write about it soon………..