I started this blog and wrote a few posts and went missing.  I must make more effort to write about what I’m doing.

Good or bad it might help someone or I might learn something new from someone else.

So I’ve been working out regularly and watching what I eat and running too. So a combination of all this I feel leaner.

I didn’t lose much weight , but my measurements changed. I look and feel leaner and its a great feeling.

What I have learned from this is that NUTRITION  is the key. you can workout all you want, but if u don’t watch what u eat u will not get anywhere.

I completed Hal Higdon’s 10K novice plan and I ran every mile he prescribed. Although I didn’t lose any weight initially, once I started monitoring what goes in my mouth, I lost weight every week.

I must have lost some muscle too which is probably a side effect of too much cardio.

I also did the 10X10 transformation Chad Waterbury .

So here is the update :

Stats at the end of this program:

Weight : 127.8 lbs ( -3 lbs)

Biceps : 9″ ( -0.5″)

Waist: 27.5″ (-0.25″)

Pooch(biggest part of tummy): 30″ (no change)

Hips: 35.5″( -1″)

Thigh: 20.5″(-0.25″)

Calf: 12″ (+0.25″)


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