end of Phase 1

Worked on elliptical for 40 mins

and on saturday did a 3mile run onthe threadmill, it took me 28:45 but I took 3 breaks and it was almost steady state cardio.

Strength workout on friday was

good morning

Incline dumbell press

wood chops

reverse lunges

Pull downs

4 sets of 15 reps circuit.


I ran outside again yesterday and took fewer breaks and really short ones like a few secs. I had to keep pushing myself to run some more. the area was a little hilly . I completed 2 miles in 20-21 mins.

After that I did the elliptical for 30 mins for 2.2 miles.

The next 3 mile run this week will be on the threadmill.

Watebury – Phase 1 – week 3 – day 2

I ran outside after a long time ( other than the 5 k last week ). so I mapped out my track using google maps for 2.5 miles in a residential area.

I ran after the sun went down and it was cool and breezy. One uphill and downhill and 26-27 mins ( not sure of the exact time) I finished my 2.5 miles. I hoped to did faster because I hardly walked for 2 mins and ran the entire time. It felt very good though. I wasn’t very tired after wards , just the usual.

I acutally want to do the next run which is 2 miles outside too. Let’s see…..

I should get myself the forerunner so that I don’t have to google running directions all the time.

Waterbury – Phase 1 – Week 3

Lat Pull Down – 70/80/80/80/80/80/80/80 lbs

Dips – 30/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20lbs

DeadLift – 95/125/125/125/125/125/125/125lbs

July 4th – 5K

I ran another 5k on July 4th , 2009  in 33:18 .

This is 2 mins more than my last 5k 4 weeks ago. I didn’t train that well and I was getting tired easily. I was very dissappointed but I have more determination and enthusiasm to perform better and practise harder.

I will be training with  the 10K plan and I plan to do the tuesday runs outside since they are all 3 mile runs.

I hope to get the medal someday. I really do.