5K – summary

On 6/6/09 I did my first 5K for this year. I did 2 times before this one in 2006 and other in 2007.

I started of sprinting and then slowed down to a jog. Weather was a bit chilly and the race was near lakeside.

The first mile was done in about 10 mins. 2nd mile was the longest and I slowed down to a walk and I continued walk/run till the 2nd mile marker. I ran the entire 3rd and a 0.11 mile and sprinted to the finish line as fast as I could .

Total time : 31 mins according to my watch.

I could have easily shaved a minute or two by not walking in between.

It is definitely different running on treadmill vs on the ground. I was tired later in the day too.

I’ll try to do a couple more 5k ‘s this year. Original plan was to do 10K after 4 weeks, but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I’ll continue with my current plan but instead of doing the 10k and half marathon. I’ll do 2 more 5k and practice this year and do a 10k next year and see how it goes.

(there is no 10 k near my place after 4 weeks, only 5 k and triathlons, so it works for me. )


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