Week 24 – day 1, 2 &3

Day 1 – 5/17/2009

well deserved rest day because I ran 5 miles the previous day.

Day 2 – 5/18/2009

Forced Rest day. I had to bring work home and was working till 2 am to get it done.

This leaves me only 4 days to complete 5 days of running because Saturday I’ll be out.It’ll be difficult but I have a plan.

Day 3 – 5/19/2009

3.5 mile of running in 34:50 thatis 20 secs less than last week. yay!!!!!!!!!

This time I did HIIT the whole time with the same ratio 60:15:15 sec::5.5:7.0:7.2 speed. with 1 minute breaks after 2nd and 3rd mile.


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