week 23 summary

Strength training was as usual 3 days a week. I’m not doing a lot of these nowadays, focussing more on cardio. and since i’m doing longer runs I need the energy after weight training. Better idea would be split the workouts , but that would mean I have to get up early.



Date Day Dist





Avg. Pace (mins


5/10 Sun -NA- -NA- -NA- Rest day because I ran on saturday
5/11 Mon 3.5 35:09 10:02 3 miles of HIIT in 31 odd minutes.
5/12 Tues 2.0 19:52 9:56 20 mins of HIIT
5/13 Wed -NA- -NA- -NA- Rest day ( was lazy )
5/14 Thurs 3.5 37:09 10:36 I was planning on doing the 5 mile run today because I rested well on Wednesday , but my ipod didn’t work, and yet I was moving forward, when at 3.0 mile my knee gave up, it hurt and I didn’t want to injure it, so completed 0.5 mile and ended the day with 3.5 miles
5/15 Fri 3.2 40:00 12:30 Cross training on elliptical with warm up speed
5/16 Sat 5.0 55:10 11:02 More than physical strength I need mental strength and motivation to finish such long distances.
Total: 17.2 187:20 -NA- Ready to repeat this next week.

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