week 23 Day 2, 3& 4

Day 2 – 5/12/2009

100 Low pulley cable rows – 40 lbs

Cable pull downs – 3×10 – 60/65/65 lbs

Overhead squat – 1RPM -( I don’t remember, will update once I go home)

Overhead squat 5×2 – 80% of RPM –

A) Overhead Squat 30/20/10 reps(30% of BW) – 45/45/45 lbs

B) Push ups 30/20/10 reps

Time: 45 mins

20 mins HIIT – 5.5, 7.0, 7.2 speed in 19:52 ( one second less than previous ;p)

Day 3 – 5/13/2009


Day 4 – 5/14/2009

I was supposed to do 3.5 mile run, but since I was well rested, I planned on doing 5 miles instead.

Disaster struck, my ipod wasn’t working , there was no way I was gonna do 5 miles without ipod. My mind was rushing to sketch out a plan for today , there was also a 40 min on elliptical left for this week, maybe I could do that in a sow pace, but no if I could finish this 5 mile then I’ll be done with the major run for the week. After several such self brainstorming, I decided to do the 5 mile and finish of with it.

I did 3 miles in some 31 odd minutes and then my knee hurt, it hurt so bad that If I’d continue running it would screw up my rest of the week. so I just did 0.5 miles and ended up doing 3.5 miles in 37:09 mins. 5.5, 5.8, 6.0, 6.2 speed steady state.

I did run with music and I was ready to finish of the remaining 1.5 without music , but for the knee I had to stop.

Total Time: 37 mins


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