Week 23 – Day 1 &2

Day 1- 5/10/2009 – Sunday


Day 2 – 5/11/2009Monday

I was having some thoughts to skipping the workout today but I had nothing better to do at home than browsing the internet and lazing around and since I had already packed my bag for the gym so that I can finish my workout right after work, I steered my car into the Y , changed and went to the cardio room.

It just seems like I’m doing a lot of cardio and less of strength training nowadays and I don’t want to loose my muscle either. The only problem is that I get tried after an intense weight workout and don’t have the motivation to run. I could get up early in the morning and do my run then, but I’m lazy ;p

So I did my first 3.5 mile run today in record time of 35:09 mins. Isn’t that good. My stamina has increased and I’m able to run longer without huffing and puffing much. Only thing that is motivating me right now is my goal to finish the scheduled workout and see if more cardio is helping me loose that stubborn fat.

First 3 miles wwere HIIT witht the usual ration of 60:15:15 secs:: 5.5:7.0:7.2 speed . I don’t remember exactly but I finished them in 29:56 approx. and the reamining 0.5 mile was done with speed 5.5, 6.0 and 6.2 for 30 secs each with a minute break after the 2nd mile and 3rd mile for water and getting my heart rate down.

Total Workout time : 37 mins


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