Week 22 – Day 4&5

Day 4 – Rest – 5/6/2009

Day 5 – Thursday – 5/7/2009

Today was both weight training and cadio. The first 12 mins or so was plyo work, got my heart rate really high and rest of the time was weight training. Compared to last few weeks, I didn’t increase the weight much. I was concetrating on improving the form and tempo .

1A) Box jumps ( 8 steps high) – 4×15

1B) Lateral Jump squats on Bosu ball – 4×15

2A) DB Snach – 4×5 (each hand) 35/35/35/35 lbs

2B) Front Squat 4×5 – 90/90/90/90 lbs

(Planned on doing 5×5, but my heart rate was up and  I was sweating a lot and I had to odo cardio after this.)

3A) Pushups – 4×10

3B) Bench Press 4×10 – 65/65/65/65 lbs

Time:  50 mins


2 miles in 19:53 mins HI 60:15:15 secs:: 5.5:7.0:7.2 speed

Total workout time: 70 mins


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