Week 24 – day 1, 2 &3

Day 1 – 5/17/2009

well deserved rest day because I ran 5 miles the previous day.

Day 2 – 5/18/2009

Forced Rest day. I had to bring work home and was working till 2 am to get it done.

This leaves me only 4 days to complete 5 days of running because Saturday I’ll be out.It’ll be difficult but I have a plan.

Day 3 – 5/19/2009

3.5 mile of running in 34:50 thatis 20 secs less than last week. yay!!!!!!!!!

This time I did HIIT the whole time with the same ratio 60:15:15 sec::5.5:7.0:7.2 speed. with 1 minute breaks after 2nd and 3rd mile.


week 23 summary

Strength training was as usual 3 days a week. I’m not doing a lot of these nowadays, focussing more on cardio. and since i’m doing longer runs I need the energy after weight training. Better idea would be split the workouts , but that would mean I have to get up early.



Date Day Dist





Avg. Pace (mins


5/10 Sun -NA- -NA- -NA- Rest day because I ran on saturday
5/11 Mon 3.5 35:09 10:02 3 miles of HIIT in 31 odd minutes.
5/12 Tues 2.0 19:52 9:56 20 mins of HIIT
5/13 Wed -NA- -NA- -NA- Rest day ( was lazy )
5/14 Thurs 3.5 37:09 10:36 I was planning on doing the 5 mile run today because I rested well on Wednesday , but my ipod didn’t work, and yet I was moving forward, when at 3.0 mile my knee gave up, it hurt and I didn’t want to injure it, so completed 0.5 mile and ended the day with 3.5 miles
5/15 Fri 3.2 40:00 12:30 Cross training on elliptical with warm up speed
5/16 Sat 5.0 55:10 11:02 More than physical strength I need mental strength and motivation to finish such long distances.
Total: 17.2 187:20 -NA- Ready to repeat this next week.

week 23 Day 2, 3& 4

Day 2 – 5/12/2009

100 Low pulley cable rows – 40 lbs

Cable pull downs – 3×10 – 60/65/65 lbs

Overhead squat – 1RPM -( I don’t remember, will update once I go home)

Overhead squat 5×2 – 80% of RPM –

A) Overhead Squat 30/20/10 reps(30% of BW) – 45/45/45 lbs

B) Push ups 30/20/10 reps

Time: 45 mins

20 mins HIIT – 5.5, 7.0, 7.2 speed in 19:52 ( one second less than previous ;p)

Day 3 – 5/13/2009


Day 4 – 5/14/2009

I was supposed to do 3.5 mile run, but since I was well rested, I planned on doing 5 miles instead.

Disaster struck, my ipod wasn’t working , there was no way I was gonna do 5 miles without ipod. My mind was rushing to sketch out a plan for today , there was also a 40 min on elliptical left for this week, maybe I could do that in a sow pace, but no if I could finish this 5 mile then I’ll be done with the major run for the week. After several such self brainstorming, I decided to do the 5 mile and finish of with it.

I did 3 miles in some 31 odd minutes and then my knee hurt, it hurt so bad that If I’d continue running it would screw up my rest of the week. so I just did 0.5 miles and ended up doing 3.5 miles in 37:09 mins. 5.5, 5.8, 6.0, 6.2 speed steady state.

I did run with music and I was ready to finish of the remaining 1.5 without music , but for the knee I had to stop.

Total Time: 37 mins

Week 23 – Day 1 &2

Day 1- 5/10/2009 – Sunday


Day 2 – 5/11/2009Monday

I was having some thoughts to skipping the workout today but I had nothing better to do at home than browsing the internet and lazing around and since I had already packed my bag for the gym so that I can finish my workout right after work, I steered my car into the Y , changed and went to the cardio room.

It just seems like I’m doing a lot of cardio and less of strength training nowadays and I don’t want to loose my muscle either. The only problem is that I get tried after an intense weight workout and don’t have the motivation to run. I could get up early in the morning and do my run then, but I’m lazy ;p

So I did my first 3.5 mile run today in record time of 35:09 mins. Isn’t that good. My stamina has increased and I’m able to run longer without huffing and puffing much. Only thing that is motivating me right now is my goal to finish the scheduled workout and see if more cardio is helping me loose that stubborn fat.

First 3 miles wwere HIIT witht the usual ration of 60:15:15 secs:: 5.5:7.0:7.2 speed . I don’t remember exactly but I finished them in 29:56 approx. and the reamining 0.5 mile was done with speed 5.5, 6.0 and 6.2 for 30 secs each with a minute break after the 2nd mile and 3rd mile for water and getting my heart rate down.

Total Workout time : 37 mins

Week 22 Summary

3 days of strength training along with cardio

Total workouts time 285 mins

Date Day Dist





Avg. Pace (mins


5/3 Sun 1.0 11:26 11:26 Was supposed to do 3 miles, but was not motivated enough because it was very hot in the gym and I just couldn’t run without music after strength training in the heat( all bad combination). Consider this as punishment mile ;p
5/4 Mon 3.0 30:36 10:12 2 miles in 20:05 (HIIT) and  1 mile in 10:31 . Woke up in the morning to this workout on empty stomach.
5/5 Tues 3.0 30:02 10:26 My best 3 mile run ever. 2 miles in 19:56 mins (HIIT speed 5.5, 7.0, 7.2) and 1 mile in 10:06 mins( steady state, speed 5.5, 6.0, 6.2).

Actual plan was to do 2 miles only, but felt good enough to do 3 miles.

5/6 Wed -NA- -NA- -NA- Rest day ( was lazy )
5/7 Thurs 2.0 19:53 9:56 HIIT  60:15:15 secs:: 5.5:7.0:7.2 speed
5/8 Fri 4.0 41:37 10:24 Steady state with varying speed 5.5, 5.8, 6.0, 6.2
5/9 Sat 2.2 30:00 13:38 Elliptical on warm up speed. liesure walk  🙂
Total: 15.2 163:56 -NA- Worked hard this week, but the real challenge starts next week 3.5 and 5 mile runs.

Week 22 – Day 7

Day 7 – 5/10/09

30 mins on elliptical – 2.2 miles – warm up speed

25 mins of the following. I did 8 sets of them

10 pushups

10 pull ups

10 jump squats

10 kangaroo squats

Total Workout time : 55 mins

Week 22 – Day 6


Since I was tired today , I came home and slept fr an hour or so and then hopped to the gym .With renewed energy I ran 4 miles in 41:37 mins that is about 1:50 mins less than last time yooohoooooo.

I siwtched between 5.5, 5.8, 6.0 and 6.2 speeds.

Another strength workout and 30 mins on elliptical tommorow and I’ll be done for this week.

Total workout time: 43 mins


I feel very tired today … maybe ’cause its friday and I’m ready for the weekend…

I have 4 more miles to run and an additional 30 mins of cardio left this week.

Week 22 – Day 4&5

Day 4 – Rest – 5/6/2009

Day 5 – Thursday – 5/7/2009

Today was both weight training and cadio. The first 12 mins or so was plyo work, got my heart rate really high and rest of the time was weight training. Compared to last few weeks, I didn’t increase the weight much. I was concetrating on improving the form and tempo .

1A) Box jumps ( 8 steps high) – 4×15

1B) Lateral Jump squats on Bosu ball – 4×15

2A) DB Snach – 4×5 (each hand) 35/35/35/35 lbs

2B) Front Squat 4×5 – 90/90/90/90 lbs

(Planned on doing 5×5, but my heart rate was up and  I was sweating a lot and I had to odo cardio after this.)

3A) Pushups – 4×10

3B) Bench Press 4×10 – 65/65/65/65 lbs

Time:  50 mins


2 miles in 19:53 mins HI 60:15:15 secs:: 5.5:7.0:7.2 speed

Total workout time: 70 mins

Week 22 – Day 3

Skipped strength training, but did my cardio. To be honest I was planning on ditching the gym altogeher today . I had to argue and counter argue with myself to lift my lazy ass ad head to the gym.

I was Also planning to do the  2 mile run today as I did the 3 mile run yesterday ( rememberI got up and did it in the morning).  10 minutes into the run I wasn’t getting exhauted as I usually do and decided that I should go ahead and d0 3miles today and get it over with and I did it.

3 miles in 30:02 mins. this is my best 3 mile run ever. 2 miles in 19:56 mins (HIIT speed 5.5, 7.0, 7.2) and 1 mile in 10:06 mins( steady state, speed 5.5, 6.0, 6.2).

Total workout time : 30 mins

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