Muscle Groups

Since I’m planning to work on 2 muscle groups a day along with abdominals. Its a nice idea to list out those muscle groups to make exercise planning easier.

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Biceps
  5. Triceps
  6. Lower body – Quads, hamstrings, calves
  7. Abdominals

Men like to work on most of these muscle groups especially Chest , Biceps and Triceps but Women need to work on them too. Every muscle group helps us in different ways.

Chest – Its important for correct posture and gives us strength in activities involving pushing. Its also lifts up the chest muscle .  From my experience, When working on Chest exercise I hardly feel it there when working out , but the muscles are sore the  next day. As for any exercise there needs to be a mind-muscle connection to feel the mucle work(especially for Chest muscle).

Back – Lot’s of people don’t train theri back but a well toned back (man/woman) looks so good. Since Back muscles are used in almost every day -to-day activites, it is  important to work on them to make them stronger. the best Back exercise I like is rows(cable or Barbell).

Shoulders – Oh , who doesn’t want beautiful shoulders. People invented shoulder pads for people like me with droopy shoulders. But , shoulder pads don’t do enough justice . I rather work on my shoulders and get the nice muscular curve. I think it also gives us a nice posture. Since it is a small muscle group, light weights are generally used to work this area.

Biceps & Triceps – Well defined Arms  and Michelle Obama Arms go hand in hand nowadays, everyone wants them. It is also the most exposed part of our body and slender toned arms look oh so good. I have bulky arms, I can feel the muscle inside but leaness is not visible yet. Working on them.  Bu I do get a nice pump when I work it and I feel them getting hard.

Lower Body– this is probably what most women work on. I do too. I loke working on lower body, squats, lunges, leg curls, I love them all. they say, if u want to put on nice muscle use heavier weights and less reps and since Quads are a big muscle group they will be able to handle the weight, but if u want to lean them out, go for higher reps and less weights.  This is what I’m experimenting on this week and the next.

Abdominals– Who doesn’t work on abs, irrespective of men or women, eveyone wants flatter abs. Even those with flat abs want them flatter. Can’t judge them can we.  One thing to remember is that all the cruches and sit ups won’t give you flat abs, they will tone the muscle but to get flat abs, we need to work on getting rid of the layer of fat covering those muscles and that will happen with cardio and strengh training.

[P.s. : I’m not used to writing such long article like posts and it took me long to finish this post. Words just don’t flow out of me. I’m glad I finished it  ]



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  2. Roop Rai said,

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    :))) fantastic job.

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