My biggest challenge in these coming weeks is to not miss my workouts and eat clean. Honestly, my biggest motivator to go to gym regularly is my husband. When I’m lazy, he reminds me of my goals and how hard I have been working and how I shouldn’t give up for some tv show or laziness.

Now that he is travelling for a few days a week, I have to motivate myself . I was almost gonna miss my workout yesterday , but I did it at last. Today I packed my gym bag so that I can go to the gym directly from work that way I’m not lazy once I’m home. I have done this before, when we were not married. I worked out regularly but I bailed out sometimes .

If I can achieve my 5 hr/week workout for the next 6-8 weeks straight. I’ll be extremely proud of myself .

Ok I checked my weight today . it didn’t increase , so I’m good hopefully from last week’s binge eating. I need to get the Body fat down though . 😦


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  1. April 27, 2009 at 10:20 am

    […] the scheduled workouts and went to the gym Sun- Friday without a break.  Remember this was one of my recent goals. I passed the first […]

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