Week 19 – REST

Week 19 was a waste. I was travelling for work and didn’t workout . I did run couple of times and saturday did a workout after which I was dead tired. But it was waste eeek. because I loaded up on junk, that I shouldn’t be eating.

Well, I ate junk for the first 2 days and then realised that it is getting bad and stayed out of the snack room that the client loaded up with chocolates( who can resist that), breakfast bars, 100 calories pack etc.

I also dia carb load which was over due for a long time.

After all this I gained weight. How much? I don’t know, too scared to jump on the scale. 😦 Anyways, I’m sure I’ll get back to my old self with some discipline this week. Let’s see.

One thing I did do was drink lots and lots of water. atleast 4 litres a day.


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  1. April 20, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    […] Like a good girl, I went to the gym and did my workout after a week of being lazy rest due to travelling . […]

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