Week 18 – Day 6 & 7

Day 6 – Friday – 4/10/2008

20 mins of HIIT (5.0: 7.0 :: 60:30 sec) on threadmill and 5 mins of cooldown. 2.32 miles .

Running on 7.0 speed was suprisingly easy. I was tired by the end of it and later but while running for the 20 mins, I could easily do it. It took so much time for me to get here and I’m ready to run at a higher speed. woohooooo.

Day 7 – Saturday – 4/11/2008

Swimming practice – 60 mins

I swam the whole length of the pool and back 3 times today.1st with the kickboard, 2nd crawl stroke with head out of the water. 3rd crawl stroke with breathing in and out of the water.

Practised sideways breathing a lot. I dn’t need the barbell to hold anymore. I can use my hands now wooohooo again.  I still need the hip belt to stay afloat, but I’m swimming full length yayyyyy!!!

Some practice to master the breathing and  then I’ll try without the belt. Oh still need to practice back swim.

Week Summary

total workout time :  315 minutes

Water consumption was very good. Although weight didn’t come down. I feel and look leaner than last week.I’m very happy with myself and excited about the skin fold measurements end of this month. Keeping my fingers crossed.  18% BF here I come.


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