Week 19 – Day 4 Wednesday 4/8/2009

‘Yoga Day’ by default ;p

I was feeling lazy today , Just couldn’t get myself to drag to the gym at the same time I didn’t want to miss out on today’s workout. So after watching ‘Lost’ ( the tv show), I spread out my yoga mat and started surya Namaskar’s at 9:00 pm ;p

I wanted to try out 100, but wasn’t sure if i’d complete it, so I made him  count for me and yes I complete 100 Suryanamaskars in 45 mins.

I was tired by the end of it and back hurt ( in a good way). I was also a bit sweaty. It felt good overall.

Will I do it everyday? No ( because I’m lazy), but I’ll try to do this once a week.

I enjoyed going to the yoga class downtown last summer. I’d go 4-5 times a week, to kill time and I enjoyed it. I took different classes, hatha , kundalini , bikram ,  Anusara. I liked them all. Every teacher was so different and taught each class efficiently.

I should start again. I’m looking for a class nearby.


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