Food for thought – Craving

Something that I realised about cravings earlier , which happened again. Whenever I let myself get too hungry, I crave chocolates or some junk and then it is hard for my mind to get distracted and eat something healthy. Its kind of like, ” oh come one, I can have a chocolate today , it won’t change a thing”. But it adds up. Once a week is ok , but Idon’t think it stops there.

Like today, I let myself get hungrier than usual, and my packed lunch doesn’t seem appealing enough. I just wanted to go out and eat something else or grab something from the vending machine.  I thought for a while ”  Am I really craving it? Do I really want a chocolate now?” I waited for 10 more mins and grabbed my lunch and now I’m full, drank enough water along with it to fill me up and the cravings is gone for now.

I really need to keep this in mind everytime this happens.


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