Week 19 – Day 3 Tuesday 4/7/2009

Today was a rest according to my schedule, but I changed it to ‘Design your own schedule’ day.   I did a low weight and high rep workout. almost half the weight I normalluse and double the reps .

I also used only basic exercises for today. I’ll try to design some of these frequently and let’s see what I come up with .

workout: – supersets

1A) Barbel squat – 3×25 – 45/45/45 lbs

1B) Dumbell lunges 3 x25 (each) – 15/15/15 lbs

2a) Bent over Barbell Row – 3×25 – 15/15/15 lbs

2B) Barbell Bench Press – 3×25 – 45/45/45 lbs

3A) bicep curls – 3×25 – 15/15/15 lbs

3B) tricpes push downs – 3×25 – 30/30/30 lbs

4a) cruches – 3×25

4b) planks 3 x 60 secs

Total time : 60 mins

Notes: slept late again, because dinner was late. Drank about 3- 3.5 litres of water.


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