week 19 – Day 2 – Monday 4/6/2009

I looked at the workouts for this week, and it has 3 rest days.  I’ll be travelling next week and working on real long shifts , so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work out or not.  I’m planning to fill the 2 rest days with some group class, swimming, or high rep low weight workouts.


Super sets

1A) Barbell Hack squat – 3×9 – 85/85/85 lbs

1B) Front Squat – 3×9 – 85/85/85 lbs

1C Dumbell Singl Leg Romanian Deadlift – 3×9 – 25/25/25 lbs

2A) King Deadlift – 3×9

2B) Dragon Flag – 3×9

Notes: Slept on time at 11:00 pm , but woke up late at 8:00 am ;p . It did feel like I have been sleeping forever. I kept checking and rechecking the time that it was indeed 7:00 am and I’m not just sleeping in.


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