Water – THE most important fat loss supplement

Why is water so important for fat loss? Forget 8 glasses of water a day. You need much more than that , especially if you want to lose body fat.

A trainer adviced  that I should  drink 0.8 oz/body weight. Now my weight is 131 lbs that means I need to consume 105 oz of water which approx. 3 litres of water.  I carry a 750 ml bottle at work , so I have to consume 4-5 of those in a day

There is a lot of research on this issue, some say excess water dilutes the electrolytes in the body and may even cause death.But just like everything else, moderation is a must for everything. Excess of anything has it side effects . how much ever good it is for us in general.

From my experience, water is essential to keep  you hydrated.  65% to 75% of our body is made up of water and keeping self hydrated will also help with the lubricating the  joints, improving metabolism, removal toxins and not to forget wonderful skin and hair.  It helps fat to pass out from the body instead of making itself comfortable inside our bodies.

Water also transports the nutrients throughout our body.

Don’t wait till the end of the day to drink water. that is not beneficial at all. chug water throughout the day, before every meal, after every meal and in between. Keep the water close to you , so that you are constantly reminded to drink.

Muscle is made up of water and it is important to keep them hydrated to keep them going. Before  , during and after workouts, drink plenty of water.

The only side effect of drinking water is that I pee often (every 2 hours) and it is good, because I realize I’m drinking enough water.

Tips to increase water intake

  • I usually carry 750 ml water bottle with me at work and have half a gallon water bottle at home.It helps that is always in front of me as a constant reminder to lift a glass and chug it in.
  • Drink one big glass of water as soon as you wake . I try to finish 750 ml by breakfast.
  • Avoid any caloric drinks ( sodas, juices, tea coffee etc). Water and Green tea are the best ways to keep you hydrated.
  • Do not add sugary flavorings to water. Add lemon or cinnamon for taste if you don’t like plain water.

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