week 18 – day 6 – 4/2/2009

I can’t do pull ups and dips to save my life, but today’s workout was full of them .  Thank god for the assisted machine at our gym, I was able to manage  the entire workout without susbstitutions, but my upper body  is getting stronger and hopefully I’ll be able to do them unassisted one day (soon :D).

Also, to step up my workout I added an additional 10 min HIIT on the stairs in addition to the 10 minutes of running up and down the threadmill.



1 A) Barbell push press – 5×7 – 55/55/55/55/55 lbs

1B) wide grip pull ups( assisted ) 5×7 – 60/60/60/60/50 lbs

2A) Dips (Assisted ) 4×12 – 50/50/50/40 lbs

2B) Close grip pull ups (Assissted ) 4×12 – 50/50/50/40 lbs

3A) Dumbell Windmill – 3×6 – 15/15/15 lbs – not sure if my form was correct for this.

3B) windshield wipers ( on the ground) 3×6 – no weights

Additional exercises

Leg raises on the bench – 3 x12

ab – leg extension on the bench – 2×25

10 mins of HIIT – 0.9 miles  60 sec:30 sec :: 5.0 : 6.0 speed (Run for 60 sec on 5.0 speed , run for 30 sec on 6.0 speed , repeat ).

10 mins of running up and down the stairs – 5 rounds ( 1 round = 10 staris up and down for 10 times ).

Food Log:

M1) ground Turkey  with cashews

M2) Lamb patties  with brocolli

M3) chicken liver with brocolli

M4) Post workout shake

M5) ground Turkey  with brocolli

Ddin’t keep a count of water, but definetily reached the 3 litre mark.

Notes: Slept late again at 12:00 ( had to work on something important), but got up at 7:30 am.


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