I’m Kay, 26 yrs old female. I have been working out for about 3 yrs now. Most of my workouts usually involve free weights, body weight and core and I enjoy doing them.

I don’t do a lot of cardio, maybe once or twice a week. running on a threadmill bores me, I’d prefer running outside but I rarely do. I do have some shortcuts though , for cardio.

Lately I started taking swimming classes and I’m slowly progressing. It is hard to learn how to swim as an adult. But I’m improving.

Currently I weigh 130 lbs ( was 125 lbs 3 months back), with 20% body fat ( was about 23%or so). My goal is to get to 16% of BF.

I know that nutrition is more important than our workouts, I eat clean most of the time , but I crave cakes and chocolates. If I can handle that , I’m sure I’ll reach my goal soon.

I would like to share workouts, nutrition , receipes( very important, I’m challenged in this area) and be a part of this support group. Learning is a part of this game and I hope to continue to workout and be fit as long as I can.


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