Week 21- Day 5 4/30/209

Fasting day until 6pm. Had omlete with awesome tomato chutney. Saw Survivor ;p  and went to the gym to do m 2 mile run.

Since I couldn’t complete 3.0 mile on sunday I did the rmaining 0.15 miles today .

So , 2.15 miles in 21:26 mins.

Breakdown as : 2 miles in 19:56 mins and 0.15miles in 1:29 mins

Total time : 21:26 mins


Week 21 – Day 4

I was supposed to get up early morning and do a slow run of 4 miles on threadmill, but the lazy me couldn’t get myself out of bed. I got up, but sleeping under my comforter felt more appealing than dragging myself out.

so the 4 mile run is moved to the evening. that means I have to move my weights workout to tommorow.

I did that Day2 of week 3 100 pushups challenge today and performed 10/12/8/8/12 pushups this morning.

Update : Yay!!!!!! Done!!!!!!! I was dreading the 4 mile run and wasn’t sure if I would complete it. I was aiming to complete it under 45 mins and I did it.

4 miles in 43.36 mins -( steady state) speed varied between 5.0 – 6.2

Total workout time : 45 mins

Muscle Groups

Since I’m planning to work on 2 muscle groups a day along with abdominals. Its a nice idea to list out those muscle groups to make exercise planning easier.

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Biceps
  5. Triceps
  6. Lower body – Quads, hamstrings, calves
  7. Abdominals

Men like to work on most of these muscle groups especially Chest , Biceps and Triceps but Women need to work on them too. Every muscle group helps us in different ways.

Chest – Its important for correct posture and gives us strength in activities involving pushing. Its also lifts up the chest muscle .  From my experience, When working on Chest exercise I hardly feel it there when working out , but the muscles are sore the  next day. As for any exercise there needs to be a mind-muscle connection to feel the mucle work(especially for Chest muscle).

Back – Lot’s of people don’t train theri back but a well toned back (man/woman) looks so good. Since Back muscles are used in almost every day -to-day activites, it is  important to work on them to make them stronger. the best Back exercise I like is rows(cable or Barbell).

Shoulders – Oh , who doesn’t want beautiful shoulders. People invented shoulder pads for people like me with droopy shoulders. But , shoulder pads don’t do enough justice . I rather work on my shoulders and get the nice muscular curve. I think it also gives us a nice posture. Since it is a small muscle group, light weights are generally used to work this area.

Biceps & Triceps – Well defined Arms  and Michelle Obama Arms go hand in hand nowadays, everyone wants them. It is also the most exposed part of our body and slender toned arms look oh so good. I have bulky arms, I can feel the muscle inside but leaness is not visible yet. Working on them.  Bu I do get a nice pump when I work it and I feel them getting hard.

Lower Body– this is probably what most women work on. I do too. I loke working on lower body, squats, lunges, leg curls, I love them all. they say, if u want to put on nice muscle use heavier weights and less reps and since Quads are a big muscle group they will be able to handle the weight, but if u want to lean them out, go for higher reps and less weights.  This is what I’m experimenting on this week and the next.

Abdominals– Who doesn’t work on abs, irrespective of men or women, eveyone wants flatter abs. Even those with flat abs want them flatter. Can’t judge them can we.  One thing to remember is that all the cruches and sit ups won’t give you flat abs, they will tone the muscle but to get flat abs, we need to work on getting rid of the layer of fat covering those muscles and that will happen with cardio and strengh training.

[P.s. : I’m not used to writing such long article like posts and it took me long to finish this post. Words just don’t flow out of me. I’m glad I finished it  ]

Week 21 – Day 2 and 3

Day 2 – Monday – 4/28/2009


Day 3 – Tuesday – 4/29/2009


1) Close grip low cable row – 3×25 – 50/50/50 lbs

2)Pullups(assisted) – 3×15 – 50/60/60 lbs

3)Scarecrow – 3×20 – 5/5/5/ lbs

4) Overhead Barbell Shoulder Press -3×25 –  22/22/22 lbs

5) Swiss ball Leg raises – 3×20

Time : 40 mins

3 miles run on threadmil (steady state) – 2 miles in 19.53 mins and 1 mile in 11.67 mins total 31.20 mins

Total Time : 70 mins

Week 21 – Day 2 4/28/2009 (Monday)

Remember the 100 pushup challenge I planned on when I started the blog . Wel.. I didn’t get around to doing it untill today .

I did the Week3 , day 1 today 10/12/7/7/9 pushups.

Since I’m fasting today till 6:00 pm. Its only cardio day. Planning on doing the 2 miles on Elliptical and maybe make up the 0.15 mile left from yesterday

Week 21 – Day 1 4/27/2009 (Sunday)

I’m designing my own workout this week. I plan to include 2 muscle groups a day and work on high reps and low weights for 2 weeks and then do heavy weights 2 more weeks. The reason for this is I can feel the muscle beaneath but I can’t see the definition yet. I’m hoping this will bring out the leaness.


1) Squats – 3×25 – 45/45/45 lbs

2) Dynamic lunges – 3×25 (each leg) – 15/15/15 lbs

3A) Bicep Curls – 3×25 – 15/15/15 lbs

3B) Tricep Push downs – 3×25 – 30/30/30 lbs

4) Leg raises – 3×25


20 mins HIIT – 60:30sec::5.5:7.0 speed – 2 miles

10.5 mins steady state (6.2 speed) – 0.85 miles

Total Miles : 2.85 miles in 30 mins

Total Time : 35 + 30 = 65 minutes

Week 20 Summary

I ate pretty well the whole week and Saturday being my b’day also had my birthday desert. We didn’t get a cake as we usually do becuase  Its jut 2 of us and if we get a cake the cheating will go on for a whole week.

I had a yummy hot brownie with cold cold icecream on it. 😀

Cardio – I ran for about 8.8 miles last week threadmill and elliptical combined.

Weights – I completed all the scheduled workouts and went to the gym Sun- Friday without a break.  Remember this was one of my recent goals. 😀 I passed the first week.

Week 20 – Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

to be updated. I don’t have my notebook with me right now.


My biggest challenge in these coming weeks is to not miss my workouts and eat clean. Honestly, my biggest motivator to go to gym regularly is my husband. When I’m lazy, he reminds me of my goals and how hard I have been working and how I shouldn’t give up for some tv show or laziness.

Now that he is travelling for a few days a week, I have to motivate myself . I was almost gonna miss my workout yesterday , but I did it at last. Today I packed my gym bag so that I can go to the gym directly from work that way I’m not lazy once I’m home. I have done this before, when we were not married. I worked out regularly but I bailed out sometimes .

If I can achieve my 5 hr/week workout for the next 6-8 weeks straight. I’ll be extremely proud of myself .

Ok I checked my weight today . it didn’t increase , so I’m good hopefully from last week’s binge eating. I need to get the Body fat down though . 😦

Week 20 – Day 2 (Monday)


I fasted yesterday till 6:00 pm, had something to eat and then went to the gym for a walk(Its cold and raining outside).

Workout :

30 mins – uphill walk 1.7 miles

15 mins – mixed walk 1.0 mile

Since I’m keeping track of number of miles and number of minutes I do cardio.

Time: 45 mins Distance 2.7 mile


M1) Nothing

M2) Nothing

M3) Nothing

M4) Mustard Greens + tofu + 2 egg, 2 egg white omlete

M5) Mustard Greens + tofu

ZMA bedtime

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